Saturday, October 16, 2010


Another only mildly interesting piece o’ shit that was either made for the SYFY channel or probably went directly there anyway.

What’s less frightening than a school of fish that can strip a man to the bone in less than a minute? Most things, I would say. However, someone should have told the writers that if you make the fish large enough to swallow you whole – and give them retarded-looking teeth to boot – the whole concept becomes unintentionally hilarious.

80’s pop singer Tiffany “stars” in this stinkbomb along with Barry “Greg Brady” Williams as a rather likeable politician (can you imagine?). I’m starting to see a trend here with these SYFY/Giant Fish cinematic pieces. First, think up a stupid plot and second, give some washed-up former kid singer a role (i.e., Debbie Gibson in MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS). If this kind of thing continues, maybe years from now Justin Bieber will star in CARNIVOROUS GUPPIES.

Hard to say if this will be the start of an acting career for Tiffany, but if so, I hope they pay her enough money next time so that she can buy herself a last name.

MEGA PIRANHA = Mega Annoying.


  1. Just wait for Mega Shark 2.. coming in December. Sure to create the web following of previous Asylum movies.

  2. Mega Shark 2? I wonder which has-been pop star will be in that one? Debbie Gibson again? Maybe if we're lucky we'll see Martika (she of no last name) will be in it instead!

    Thanks for Your Comment!