Wednesday, July 21, 2010


“Whatta ya got in the basket?”

“My brother.”

“Your brother?” Laughter follows this question, but Dwayne’s not kidding – his brother really IS in the basket.

It was a true blessing to find Frank Hennenlotter’s masterpiece, BASKET CASE, available on DVD from the wonderful SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO company.

It’s the story of Dwayne and Belial, one “normal” guy and the more-or-less parasitic twin growing from his side. The boys are separated in a none-too-gentle fashion and the rest of the movie is a killing fiesta as they seek revenge against the surgical team who botched the surgery.

It’s really fun to see Belial tearing people’s faces off. You’ve probably never seen anything like this before. Worth checking out in order to see how special effects were done without benefit of being budgeted adequately enough for them.

The story of BASKET CASE carried over through two more movies with BASKET CASE 2 being the best of the sequels.

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